Gun Cart Inspiration & Design

Before long it will become clear that a gun cart of some form is absolutely necessary for hauling around your guns and equipment. There are a lot of basic designs out there, but many shooters have used the building of their gun cart to really show off some personality and creativity. A gun cart can be both functional and a true work of art!

You can buy a gun cart kit online, find gun cart building plans online, or come up with an original design completely your own. You are limited only by your imagination! Some functionality you should try to incorporate into your design if you build your own:

Storage, lots of storage - In addition to space for your guns there should be drawers, compartments or pockets to hold smaller items - ammo, spent brass, snacks, drinks (possibly a built in cup holder), rags, personal score cards, cigars (if you enjoy a good stogie at the range), car keys, extra hearing protection, etc. With a little ingenuity you'll find it's easy to fit a lot of storage into a small amount of space.

Seating - There is a whole lot of standing around at matches while waiting for your turn to shoot, and standing on dirt and gravel can really be hard on your feet. Building a seat into your gun cart (or building a gun cart into your seat, see photo to the right) is a really good idea, and the space beneath the seat can always be utilized for additional storage.

Weather protection - Some folks like to add a holder for an umbrella that can be folded out for shade in the hot summer sun. This can double as protection for your guns from the elements on a wet day.

Large wheels - Large wheels with tires will let you push or pull a lot of weight over rough and rocky terrain.

Foldable or collapsible design - for transportation to and from shoots if you drive a compact vehicle.

How you decide to showcase your guns and gear is entirely up to you... Here are some original gun cart ideas (some impractical but very cool nonetheless) that other shooters have come up with that may serve as inspiration to you in your own designs:

Have you built a really original gun cart that you'd like to showcase? Email us a photo and we will add it to the gallery!

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June 2, 2011 at 7:44 PM misanthropist said...

Where can I get more information on the gun cart umbrella holder featured in the YouTube video?

June 15, 2011 at 10:28 AM Anonymous said...

ditto... Where can I get more information on the gun cart umbrella holder featured in the YouTube video?

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